Corrinne Armour: Corrinne helps leaders become extraordinary through embracing the fearless leadership that results from the intersection of purpose, communication and motivation. Her coaching, training and facilitation is grounded in the competing realities of the workplace and the challenges of being a leader. Known for her innovative approach, communication skills, strong results focus, and the ability to move easily between the corporate and community sectors, Corrinne is seen as a provoker of change and growth.
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Belinda Cohen: Belinda assists companies to implement change both at an individual and organisational level drawing upon extensive experience in the corporate arena, as a lawyer, manager and consultant across a range of sectors. An Accredited Master Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Belinda is sought out for a range of services including business and executive coaching, skills training, facilitation and behavioural change consulting.
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Anneli Blundell: As a professional People Whisperer, Anneli brings to her clients a recognised expertise in the field of below conscious communication and motivation. An Accredited Master Coach and experienced facilitator, her intuitive ability to decode individual, group and organisational dynamics allows her to unlock the motivational code for improving engagement, productivity and performance in the workplace.
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All three are iWAM Certified Consultants, Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profilers and NLP Practitioners.

As a writing team, they embody the full spectrum of iWAM patterns, leading to the strength that comes from collaborative diversity and the ability to creatively navigate the occasional argument!