Cracking the code for workshop performance
Facilitating the change that matters

Cracking the code for workshop performance: Facilitating the change that matters is a facilitator’s guide that sets out methodology for quickly building effective workshops that delight clients and generate profit for you. This guide provides a trusted framework with step-by-step instructions for over 60 training activities.  To support you in delivering the activities, there are print-ready participant handouts (eg puzzles, images, case studies, scripts, instruction sheets). Each activity also includes a comprehensive set of debrief questions guaranteed to provoke discussion, stimulate layered learning, and maximize engagement.

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Anneli, Belinda and Corrinne noticed that, given the complexity of the iWAM instrument, designing exercises or other activities has been a challenge in creativity for facilitators. Being experienced facilitators themselves, they jumped in to fill that void and created a resource that will simplify life for anyone working to design an iWAM based workshop.

Patrick Merlevede, Creator of the iWAM instrument.




This Guide is not for people who want to learn how to become a facilitator.
This Guide is for anyone who wants to:


The workshop threw light on the differences in our teams and provided experiences that helped us to apply the insights we gained. The activities provided a framework for people to discuss things that would otherwise be difficult to raise. The paired conversation activity was useful in working out how to work effectively together – we identified the risks and practical steps we applied immediately.

Branch Manager






This book is different to others on the market, as it provides an end-to-end framework specifically tailored for the iWAM instrument. There are activities that provide an overview of metaprograms, explore individual iWAM patterns and categories of patterns, and provide opportunity for revision. It can also be used to enhance individual debriefs through the heightened self-awareness that results from experiential learning.




Dynamic, engaging, useful, powerful, easy to use, ready to go, flexible, a facilitator’s dream!
This comprehensive set of IWAM activities supports people’s understanding of who they are in the workplace, and quite frankly saves a busy facilitator’s sanity! Hours and hours of work were shaved off workshop design time for me. The sheer volume of activities available in the Guide provides so much choice and opportunity for customization. The layout, the variety of experiential activities and the powerful debrief questions shows that Corrinne, Belinda and Anneli what we facilitators need to make our lives easier! Whether you have three days or 3 hours to facilitate, there is something in here for everyone. I highly recommend this wonderful, fun, and experiential Guide.

Jaymelee White, Senior IWAM Consultant, Alive & Kicking Solutions, Perth Australia


Using these methodologies we have been able to bring the brilliance of the iWAM instrument to life, build workshops in record time,
and wow our clients without sacrificing profit.

We’re excited to share this material with you.

Corrinne, Anneli and Belinda